“We’ve all had our moments of obsession with the work of Benjamin Dhong”

“Benjamin has the it-factor…you audibly gasp”

“This man can do no wrong and every home he touches turns to gold!”

“For the first “Fabulous Room” of 2012, I’ve selected this simply stunning kitchen designed by the uber talented Benjamin Dhong”

“I just HAD to share him with you!!!”

“When you’ve got it, you’ve got. And Benjamin has it!”

“Well, I knew this man was talented and clever, but I didn’t realize the extent of his creativity.”

“This was my FAVORITE room of the designer showcase!”

“He’s mastered the art of combining textures”

“Man this is incredible! what a stunning creation. I adore it”

“Remember Benjamin Dhong? Oh my goodness, he’s a creative force.”

“The combination of colours and furniture.”

“Benjamin weaved magic in this home with his neutral brush but it is not boring.”

“I started stalking his work!.”

“I have been gaga over that Benjamin Dhong bathroom since I first saw it”

“I love creating beautiful and understated,elegant spaces”

“I wanted the home to feel fresh and modern and not old and stodgy.”

“Benjamin Dhong loves mixing old and new, traditional and modern and high and low.”

“We asked designers to reveal their 10 decorating secrets”